Comox No.2 Pump Station

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About the Comox No. 2 Pump Station Project

A new pump station is critical to the long-term viability of the Comox Valley sewer system and to remove an environmental risk posed by exposed pipes along Willemar Bluffs.

Why is the CVRD planning the Comox No. 2 Pump Station?

There are two key reasons why the Comox No. 2 pump station is a priority project for the CVRD.

  • The existing forcemain installed along the Willemar bluff has deteriorated due to coastal wave action and it now poses an environmental risk. Over the past 10 years, temporary measures have been put into place to protect the forcemain, however a permanent solution is required. Read the risk analysis completed in September 2016 here.
  • Continued growth in the Comox Valley has led to the need for another pump station that will supplement the two already in operation on the Comox Valley sewer system. To meet the needs of increasing demand, a new pump station was identified as a priority in the sewer master plan drafted in 2005.

As a result, the project has also been identified as important to the Comox Valley sewage service. This is an important project for the Comox Valley as a whole, and will be done with respect for the neighbourhood it will be established in.

What’s Happening Now?

To read the latest project newsletter, click here [PDF - 605 KB].

To continue moving forward with this critical project, further investigation is required to ensure the best planning decisions are made.

The project team is now:

  • Working with Owner’s Engineer Opus International on pre-implementation phase of project, including further assessment of Beech St. site (ex. groundwater and geotechnical conditions), updated cost estimates and creation of design/construction method to minimize impact of facility on surrounding community.
  • Moving forward with next steps in undertaking a condition assessment of the existing forcemain along the Comox waterfront.
  • Beginning outreach with Croteau Beach neighbourhood regarding design and aesthetics of the proposed facility

To learn more about the project overall, see this frequently asked questions [PDF - 138 KB] document.

Definitions of key project terms can be found in this glossary [PDF - 83 KB].

For a more comprehensive overview of information to date (including all Qs previously housed on this webpage), see this March 2016: Q&A [PDF - 346 KB] document.