Development Approval Information Bylaw

What is development approval information (DAI)?
DAI is a tool that local governments use to assess impacts of a proposed development on the community. The Local Government Act, (RSBC, 2015, c. 1) through section 487, enables local governments to use this tool in specific circumstances. For example, DAI can only be requested for these planning applications:

  • zoning bylaw amendments;
  • development permits; and
  • temporary use permits.

Also, DAI is usually requested for complex proposals where the impact may be far-reaching; not routine proposals.

What is the DAI bylaw (Bylaw No. 369)?
The DAI bylaw is a procedures bylaw adopted on June 28, 2016. It establishes the process for requiring and reviewing impact studies. The bylaw can be viewed or downloaded here.

How might DAI affect me?
If you are planning to develop a property and the proposal is complex or has large impacts (i.e., non-routine), you are required to meet with staff for a free pre-application meeting to review your proposal. From the pre-application meeting, staff will identify application requirements, impact studies, application fees and estimated timelines. With the DAI bylaw, staff will provide a written confirmation on what impact studies are required for a complete planning application. The identified impact studies will provide staff and the board with sufficient information for review and decision.

For more information, contact:
Brian Chow, long range planner,
Tel: 250-334-6017