Aquaculture & Agriculture Policy Review

CVRD Board Resolutions

OCP Amendment Process

Follow part 26 of the Local Government Act (LGA) official community plan (OCP) bylaw amendment process to include the proposed agriculture an aquaculture policies in the OCP.

Step One
In accordance with section 879 of the Local Government Act, referred the OCP amendment bylaw 216 that received 1st and 2nd reading to persons, organizations and authorities as approved by the CVRD board.

Step Two
Based on referral comments received the board made amendments to the proposed bylaw, read the amended bylaw a second time, and scheduled a public hearing. 

Step Three
Held a public hearing on September 12, 2013 in the CVRD board room. 

Step Four 
The CVRD board  gave 3rd reading of the OCP amendment bylaw 216.

Step Five
  Refer to the bylaw for ministerial review 

Step Six
Provide the CVRD board with an opportunity to consider 4th reading (adoption) of the OCP amendment bylaw 216.

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