Environment & Greenways

Climate change & sea level rise

The BC Coast is expected to rise 1 metre over the next 100 years. Impacts could include:

  • High water levels and damage to property
  • Erosion and flooding
  • Damage to public infrastructure such as roads and water mains
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Loss of habitat and reduced biodiversity
  • Saltwater intrusion into aquifers
  • Changing precipitation patterns with more flooding events, warmer winter temperatures and less water in summer

The CVRD has a number of initiatives in place now and underway to:

  • Encourage water conservation
  • Manage on-site drainage and rainwater runoff

The Saratoga Miracle Beach LAP will need to consider how future land use and development should occur in light of sea level rise and climate change impacts.

Community greenway connectivity

Development opportunities through limited rezoning and subdivision of existing parcels can lead to new community amenities, such as a more connected pedestrian network.

This could include:

  • Providing pedestrian routes and trails to improve connections to Miracle Beach School, transit stops, service centres and beach access
  • Improving pedestrian and cycling opportunities along Miracle Beach Drive
  • Improving public beach access by developing trails and signage within the road right-of-way that are currently unconstructed and overgrown
  • Providing parking and comfort stations with washroom facilities in the beach area
  • Developing open and accessible public beach access
  • Using public facilities for cultural, social and recreational activities and educational opportunities