PH - Bylaw 380


A bylaw to rezone the properties legally described as Lot 4, District Lot 12, (situated partly within District lots 31G, 33G and 40G of Section 2) Nelson District, Plan 46828, Except Part in Plan VIP68043 and a portion of District Lot 33, Section 2A Nelson District except Plan VIP66877, except part in District Lots 12, 23 and 27 and except part in Plan VIP69915 (Brean Road lands) from rural twenty (RU-20) to rural twenty density bonus (RU-20DB) in order to enable subdivision of up to 11 four-hectare lots.

A bylaw to amend the “Comox Valley Zoning Bylaw, 2005” being Bylaw No. 2781

  1. Proposed bylaw [PDF - 295 KB]
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