Denman Island Parks Service AAP

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RD News: Elector Approval Obtained for CVRD’s Denman Island Parks and Greenways Service Bylaw

Denman and Hornby Islands currently have a shared community parks and greenways service under Bylaw No. 2253 being “Denman and Hornby Islands Community Parks and Greenways Service Establishment Bylaw No. 2253, 2000”.  Recommendations from a community services report taken to the electoral areas services committee on August 10, 2015 recommends that one existing service be split into individual services to allow each island to better manage its own interests.  

The split would see the current service for Denman and Hornby Islands amended to apply the service to Hornby Island alone (amending Bylaw No. 385) and would require director and inspector of municipalities approval.

A new service establishing bylaw (proposed Bylaw No. 386) would also be created and apply only to Denman Island and would require electors and inspector of municipalities approval.  Staff recommend that elector approval be obtained through the alternative approval process (AAP) to minimize cost.