2014 to 2018 Adopted Budget

2014-2018 Adopted Financial Plan and Capital Expenditure Program

The Comox Valley regional district 2014-2018  financial plan and capital expenditure program was adopted by the CVRD board on March 20th. All budget presentations are open to the public and are posted on the CVRD website. The board adopted the 2014-2018 five year financial plan as per Section 815 of the Local Government Act.

Good fiscal management and financial best practices are at the core of the CVRD financial planning process. Each year the regional district prepares an updated five-year financial plan that represents the operation of each service from one budget year to the next. The yearly budget process utilizes “zero- based” budgeting concepts, meaning that each service is reviewed and budgets created based on approved work plans and priorities. Both expenditure and revenue sources are evaluated to ensure the financial plan is current, sound and can achieve the priorities as outlined. Additionally, the long term requirements are reviewed to ensure sufficient reserves are maintained and are available to sustain appropriate service levels in the long term.

A board adopted financial planning policy  [PDF - 214 KB] guides the annual process by outlining the principles, content and schedule for the five year financial plan presentations to the board.

Please check out the links below to view the 2014-2018 adopted financial plan, tax estimates and individual service budgets.

2014 Revenue Budget