Comox Valley Fire Departments Are Looking For Volunteer

Build your resume, learn new skills, meet new friends, help your community and make a difference.

Volunteer fire fighting will provide you with transferable skills that complement your career development while you help your community. Ask how we can help you... train for life!

Contact your local fire department for more information on recruitment:

Comox Valley Fire Services
600 Comox Road, Courtenay, BC
Tel: 250-334-6000

Courtenay Fire Department
650 Cumberland Rd, Courtenay, BC
Tel: 250-334-2513

Comox Fire Rescue
1870 Noel Ave,Comox, BC
Tel: 250-339-2432

Cumberland Fire Department
2673 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland, BC
Tel: 250-336-2531

Denman Island Fire Department
5555 Denman Rd, Denman Island, BC
Tel: 250-335-0345
Fanny Bay Fire Department
RR 1 Site 11 Comp 29, Fanny Bay, BC
Tel: 250-335-1011

Hornby Island Fire Department
3650 Central Rd, Hornby Island, BC
Tel: 250-335-2611

Oyster River Fire Rescue   
2241 Catherwood Rd, Black Creek, BC
Tel: 250-830-7155

Ships Point Fire Department
RR 1 Site 39 Comp 20, Fanny Bay, BC
Tel: 250-335-0551

Union Bay Fire Department 
5471 S Island Hwy , Union Bay , BC
Tel: 250-335-2345