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View the consultant’s final report, the Mount Washington Fire Protection Study - regarding the possible creation of a Mount Washington fire protection service - on the links page. The report was prepared by Sarah Morden of Defero-West Consulting and Sherry Hurst of Leftside Partners, Inc.

Update: December 11, 2015

The establishment of a new fire service for Mt. Washington will require elector assent, which means that the residents and property owners of Mt. Washington will have to give their permission way of a referendum to proceed with the project.

As the CVRD and the steering group continue to develop specific aspects of the proposed fire service, we commit to providing the residents and property owners of Mt Washington with all of the information required for them to make an informed choice whether or not to proceed with the project. This Information Handout [PDF - 152 KB] provides the latest information as developed by the consultants and the steering group. Please review this handout and if you have any questions or require further information, please email the CVRD at:

Update: November 16, 2015

Earlier today, the steering group met with the consultants to discuss the Mount Washington Fire Protection Study, and the consultants’ report dated November 16, 2015 [PDF - 521 KB]. The following key meeting outcomes and action items were noted:

  • The steering group suggested that $175/sq. ft. estimate for the proposed building may be low. Resort staff to provide contact information for a contractor that recently completed a construction project at the Resort to the consultants. The consultants will work with the CVRD to confirm the construction cost estimate.
  • The consultants will speak with the three Fire Chiefs to determine their willingness/ability to consider an arrangement whereby the Mount Washington fire service would have one dedicated all-terrain vehicle in a smaller, single-bay garage if the service could be supported by a contract with MWAR (or Grizzly) for use and ongoing maintenance of a back-up vehicle(s) and 24/7 availability to transport/hook-up equipment at the site of any fire incident in advance of the fire department’s arrival.
  • Resort staff to work towards confirming
    • a) new owners’ interest in entering into such an agreement and
    • b) rough cost estimate of annual service contract.
  • The steering group generally felt that 20-year amortization of capital costs was too long.
  • The group agreed to hold off on discussing the possibility of any further consultation with the community (i.e. direct mailout) until the answers to the first 3 items listed above can be confirmed.
  • The consultants will report back to the steering committee by email as soon as information on the foregoing can be gathered and confirmed.

The CVRD wishes to thank the steering group for their continued input and support for the study.

Update: October 28, 2015

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share comments and thoughts regarding the proposed Mount Washington fire protection service. The information material and feedback form will remain online, and additional comments will be accepted, through November 13, 2015. You are encouraged to let your neighbours and friends know about this important opportunity to provide comments.

The project steering group will be meeting again in mid-November to discuss the feedback received from the community, as well as next steps.

CVRD staff has assembled a “steering group” that includes participation by the CVRD, Mount Washington ownership group, local strata representatives, residential property owners and other user groups to re-examine the opportunities for establishing a fire protection service. The 15 members of the steering group are providing input, advice and local perspective to the CVRD and the consultants regarding the development of a possible fire service.

The consultant team facilitated a public open house with the broader Mount Washington community on Friday, October 9, 2015.

If you couldn't attend, please provide your input on the feedback form - before doing this, you can review the open house handout and panels, below:

Open House Feedback Form [PDF - 212 KB]

Questions?  Email   We appreciate your time and feedback!