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How would the proposed new fire hall benefit the citizens of Hornby Island?

Better trained fire fighters

The construction of a new fire hall will provide more room and a better environment for the fire fighters to train and improve their skills to better serve the citizens of Hornby Island.

Post-disaster building

A new fire hall would be built to post disaster standards to ensure that fire and medical emergency response equipment is available after a destructive earthquake. The fire hall may also be designed for short term accommodation of citizens displaced by a natural disaster as it will be the only post-disaster building currently available on Hornby Island.

Local emergency responder base of operations

The new fire hall has been designed with sufficient space to be the operations and coordination base for site command and control of the various emergency responders during a local emergency. 

The new fire hall is not planned to be an emergency operations centre (EOC) as defined by the British Columbia Emergency Management System developed under the authority of the Emergency Program ACT with oversight of the Ministry of Public Safety. The roles of an EOC are to support the site and perform strategic planning in the event of a large scale disaster. In the Comox Valley an EOC located in Courtenay will be utilized.

Improved recruitment

Recruitment is always a challenge for the fire service. As has been shown in other fire protection areas, it is expected that a new fire hall and training area will attract more recruits to volunteer for the emergency service.

Safer workplace

A new fire hall will provide a safer workplace for the volunteers.

Space for additional tanker truck

A new fire hall will provide additional space for a second tanker truck which will help the fire department in its goal of achieving Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation which can potentially lower fire insurance rates for the citizens.

Environmental enhancements

The CVRD is committed to improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy [PDF - 349 KB] (Objective 2.2.1) confirms that a new fire hall would be built to LEED Silver standard equivalent which would lower the overall energy cost of the building and reduce the carbon footprint.

For more information visit the Hornby Island fire department website.