Forbidden Plateau Fire Protection Feasibility

A petition signed by 42 individuals in the Forbidden Plateau Road area was submitted to the CVRD on October 10, 2017. The petition includes the following statement and contains signatures from owners of properties ranging from the 4000 block to the 8000 block of Forbidden Plateau Road as well as properties on Mountain Spirit, Mystic Rise, Bradley and Grouse Roads: 

2017 Petition for a Comox Valley Regional District Feasibility Study of Fire Protection Services on Forbidden Plateau Road

Current fire protection zoning on Forbidden Plateau Road does not provide coverage to residents above 5200 Forbidden Plateau Road. This means that if one of the homes above 5200 Forbidden Plateau Road is in need of emergency fire services there will be no response from Comox Valley Fire Departments. Homes above 5200 Forbidden Plateau Road are designated “outside the fire protection area”.

Please sign this petition to demonstrate to members of the CVRD and Director Edwin Grieve (Puntledge-Black Creek Electoral Area C) that you support a feasibility study sponsored by the Comox Valley Regional District to explore an expansion of fire protection services to Forbidden Plateau Road. The feasibility study could include reviewing options such as: an expansion of the service delivery area by one of the four Comox Valley fire departments, first responder vehicle on Forbidden Plateau Road, a volunteer fire department.

The petition was presented to the Electoral Areas Services Committee during the regular meeting on October 16, 2017. The Committee resolved that a feasibility study be conducted to explore options associated with fire protection services on Forbidden Plateau Road, including, but not limited to, impacts to existing and future land use activities, the potential expansion of existing fire protection boundaries, a first responder vehicle located on Forbidden Plateau Road or a volunteer fire department.

View the staff report [PDF - 3 MB].

The feasibility study began in January 2018 and will be complete by the end of June 2018. There are three key phases to the study:

  1. Phase 1 (underway) – Research & Consultation: during this phase, the consultants will review historical information, relevant documents, area information and the current service model for lower Forbidden Plateau Road. They will also undertake phone interviews with the Forbidden Plateau Road Association and/or initiator(s) of the petition to the CVRD, Courtenay Fire Protection District, Courtenay Fire Department and additional participants/stakeholders as required. The consultants will prepare a Fact Sheet outlining the current situation and service model for lower Forbidden Plateau Road, along with a range of potential service options for upper (above 5200) Forbidden Plateau Road. The consultants will meet with residents on Sunday, March 11, 2018  from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at Dove Creek Hall to discuss the options, with the aim of identifying a short-list of preferred options for a more detailed review and analysis.

    View Save the Date [PDF - 142 KB].
    Forbidden Plateau Road, Fire Protection Service area map [PDF]
  2. Phase 2 (April/May)– Analysis: the consultants will explore and compare the short-listed service options in more detail for review by the CVRD and the community. There will be a resident input period to determine if the community has any strong preferences or concerns and/or to identify any further details or information that needs to be researched before preparing the Final Report.
  3. Phase 3 – (June) Report: the consultants will prepare a draft report for review by CVRD staff. The report will review the feasibility of the short-listed options, provide a recommendation and identify next steps for the CVRD. The draft will be finalized based on feedback provided. The final report will be submitted to the Electoral Area Services Committee by June 30, 2018.