Transportation Alternatives


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Cycling is an easy, cost-effective and healthy mode of transportation.

As with all modes of transportation in the Comox Valley, multiple jurisdictions are involved in ensuring connectivity and good infrastructure. In the electoral areas, the CVRD is working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastrucutre as well as the Comox Valley cycling coalition. Recent projects include installation of additional cycling road signage and bike racks at rural businesses. CVRD also participates in the Comox Valley Cycling Task Force who are working on implementaton of the Comox Valley Cycling Plan. View the plan [PDF - 798 KB]and associated mapping [PDF - 2.1 MB].


The CVRD has worked with local organizations and businesses to put bike racks in place for those who are out cycling around the three electoral areas of the region. The artistic bike racks are located at: 

Check out our transportation alternative video on cycling:
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Comox Valley Transit is a regional service connecting Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland and the three electoral areas. The following routes offer service rural residents:

There is also a community bus operating in the Cape Lazo/Point Holmes and Huband Road/Seal Bay areas plus limited handydart service. The majority of rural areas utilizes a flag system for catching the bus in lieu of bus stops, though shelters have been installed recently in Saratoga Beach, Black Creek, Royston, Union Bay and Buckley Bay.


Visit the Comox Valley carpooling website: To book a ride, users can now use Island Ride Share Facebook App.

  • The user-friendly website will help you connect with the local carpool network
  • It also provides information on the many benefits of carpooling, which include:
    • Saving money;
    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and
    • Reducing and calming traffic.
    • Using this online carpool tool is free!

Rural CVRD Alternative Transportation Contest - #ATRuralCVRD

Congratulations to Sue Vince of Royston for her winning entry in the #ATRuralCVRD contest! Below is the great video she put together about cycling in the Royston area. Thanks to all participants for sharing your photos and stories!

Sue Vince of Roystons winning entry video