CSS Final Available

A vision for sustainability

Resolution from the minutes of the February 23, 2010 board meeting:

THAT the Comox Valley Regional District receive the Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy (CVSS) and consider it as a guide to consider sustainability in future actions;

AND FURTHER THAT staff be directed to prepare for the board's consideration:

- Terms of reference to establish a multi government steering committee, to be coordinated by the CVRD, that would be charged with advising local government on sustainability actions;
- a detailed 5 year implementation program for the CVSS which includes projects and resource allocation;
- a sustainability checklist for development applications which reflects the principles of the CVSS; and
- a monitoring program and annual report that measures the performance of the CVRD on sustainability targets within direct areas of responsibility;

AND FURTHER THAT the Comox Valley Regional District forward the Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy to the Comox Valley local government partners, School District 71, Vancouver Island Health Authority, non-government organizations, post secondary institutions, the Comox Valley Economic Development Society and the K'ómoks First Nation and recommend that they take similar actions to consider the strategy as a long term guide.