RGS Videos

In developing the Regional Growth Strategy the CVRD attempted to reflect the uniqueness of the Comox Valley. One way to achieve this is was through the use of video. Video has the ability to capture detail that can be lost in print and still images. Video can allow you to hear the emotion in an excited voice, see the sincerity in someone's eyes, and be reminded of the calming sounds of the ocean.

To create a robust Regional Growth Strategy that is reflective of the Valley, residents were asked to learn, share and listen.

The videos are created in collaboration with residents of the Valley. We worked closely with a review panel to develop a series of short productions to help the public contribute to the future of the Valley.

These videos were developed as the Regional Growth Strategy was prepared.

NEW! Developing the Comox Valley Regional Growth Strategy

Understanding our choices

What are Regional Growth Strategies?

What are the challenges facing Comox Valley?

Comox Valley grade ten class project

Comox Valley grade seven class project