Regional Growth Strategy

Five year Review of the Regional Growth Strategy

Public Open House
Thursday, March 16, 2017 from 3pm to 7pm
CVRD boardroom, 550B Comox Road, Courtenay
Copy of the RGS 5 year review letter [PDF - 140 KB]

The purpose of the open house is to obtain public input on the need to undertake a 5 year review of the RGS. Feedback from the open house will be provided to the CVRD board in order to assist the board in making a decision about whether to undertake a review. The board will make a decision later in 2017.

The Local Government Act, part 13, section 452, requires that a regional district with an approved regional growth strategy (RGS) must consider whether the regional growth strategy must be reviewed for possible amendment, at least once every five years. In that consideration, the CVRD is required to provide the opportunity to its citizens, affected local governments, First Nations, school board and senior government agencies on the need for a five year review.

Enquiries or comments can be sent to Or email us the completed comment form [PDF - 117 KB].

Comox Valley Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 120, 2010 [PDF - 4.6 MB]

Comox Valley Regional Growth Strategy Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 274, 2014 [PDF - 312 KB]


History and Background of the CVRD Regional Growth Strategy  

The CVRD adopted its regional growth strategy in 2011. Initiating a growth strategy was a requirement of its Letters Patent granted by the province at the time of the restructuring of the Comox Strathcona Regional District into the Comox Valley Regional District and the Strathcona Regional District in 2008.

The strategy includes eight policy areas, along with goals and objectives intended to reduce urban sprawl, promote sustainability, reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, divert solid waste and promote active transportation, affordable housing and a resilient economy. The eight goals include: housing, ecosystems, natural areas and parks, local economic development, transportation, infrastructure, food systems, public health and safety and climate change.

In 2014 the CVRD approved Bylaw No. 274 RGS Fees and Charges Bylaw that establishes a process and fee structure for amendments to the RGS (link)

RGS Annual Reports

The strategy includes a number of indicators to measure progress on the goals and objectives included in the document and each year the CVRD prepares and publishes an annual report to measure progress towards those goals. Annual reports are found here:

Enquiries or comments can be sent to