Curling Centre Upgrades Project

The Comox Valley Curling Centre underwent upgrades in 2015 at a project cost of $1.9 million. 

Energy-efficient building, seismic, and mechanical upgrades add an estimated 30 years of life to the CVRD facility and ensure that a multipurpose year round facility, with curling as its main focus, is available to the residents of the Comox Valley. Project components include construction of a new slab, a new refrigeration plant and improvements to social areas.

In summer 2014, an RFP went out for consulting services, followed by a project tender process in late fall 2014. The project contract was awarded in early 2015 to Kinetic Construction Ltd. The upgrades commenced following the close of the spring 2015 curling season. Work was complete and curling started up again at the end of October 2015!

View a photo album of the upgrade work as of mid-August 2015

August 2015 presentation to sports commission [PDF - 2 MB]

Staff Reports

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