Registered Programs

Aquatic Hip & Knee

Whether you have had a joint replaced or are waiting for surgery, you will need to strengthen muscles surrounding the joint, improve flexibility and mobility, and enhance your overall fitness. Our fitness instructors will lead you through our carefully designed program to encourage a safe and faster recovery. This pool-based program is a great place for recovery from surgery as it helps alleviate swelling and the gravitational pull on the lower body, allowing participants to accomplish a greater degree of exercise compared to land-based fitness.


Our Aquamotion programs are adapted fitness classes designed to slowly increase your strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and ROM in a fun and safe manner. These programs are self-paced water exercises for people with mobility, coordination, strength and flexibility limitations due to disability, injury, neurological disorders, stroke or chronic illness. Aquamotion classes are broken into three levels.

Level 1 is the “gentlest” of our Aquamotion programs; this is a warm water class working on balance, gait training and range of motion exercises. This class focuses on slow, controlled motions in the water and is a great choice for those looking to rehabilitate an injury or for individuals just beginning an exercise routine.

 Level 2 aims to relieve stiffness and increase flexibility with an emphasis on a long warm-up, stretching and range of motion exercises. Gradually participants will progress to gentle cardiovascular training and the use of flotation devices. Level 2 begins to introduce participants to deep water exercises. (This is not mandatory for individuals who are not comfortable in deep water)

 Level 3 builds on the strength and endurance gained from the first two levels and gently progresses participants to be able to join one of our many drop in fitness class. Level 3 classes utilize the deep water for the majority of the class; although, this is not mandatory for individuals who are not comfortable with deep water activities.

Osteomotion for Life

This is a regulated group exercise class designed by the BC Women's Hospital for individuals who have been diagnosed with osteopinia or osteoporosis. Classes include education regarding the management of this condition.


This class is designed for anyone recovering from a Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA) or stroke. Our instructors will assist you with various exercises specifically designed to improve your balance, strength and flexibility. Each class starts with an introduction to the various exercises we will be utilizing in the program with an emphasis on all large muscle groups and joints.

 A referral from your physician or physiotherapist is required prior for our registered classes.