Swimming Lessons

Red Cross and Lifesaving Swimming

Our swimming lessons offer a progressive program of swimming, fitness and water safety skills that allow participants to learn in a fun and encouraging environment. With certified Red Cross Instructors and Lifesaving Instructors you can learn to swim, swim for fitness, lifesaving or leadership courses to save lives or become a lifeguard. Our staff will assist you in filling your goals! 

Private Lessons

We also offer 22 private lessons each week for individual skills, special needs, beginning swimmers to stroke tips and workout plans. Easy, flexible and convenient private lessons zero in on specific techniques. Custom lessons can be arranged by calling the Leader – Aquatic Programs.

Lesson Supervisor

Lesson supervisors are available at all lesson times to assist you with answering questions, helping with any concerns and providing a link with you and the instructor (as instructors have limited time between classes) look for this staff member on deck or in the pool office.

Progress Cards

To keep a complete record of your swimming lessons please bring your past card to the first day of lessons.

Missed Group Lessons

Due to the number of participants in our swim lessons, we are unable to schedule make up lessons.