Dogs in Parks

The CVRD appreciates the efforts of responsible dog owners visiting off-leash and leashed trails.

Leashing Mandatory Parks

  • Little River
  • Barbara Road
  • Lazo Wildlife
  • Masters Wildlife
  • One Spot
  • Wildwood Marsh
  • Royston Seaside Trail
  • Bear Creek - hatchery trails (August 1 until December 31 due to salmon spawning)
  • Goose Spit
    (March 1 until May 20 due to Brant geese migration) [PDF - 347 KB]
  • Seal Bay
    • April, May and June: ALL TRAILS due to nesting and fawn season
    • Year round: east side (water side) of Bates Rd and Swamp Loop

Leashing Optional Parks

  • Bear Creek (January 1 to July 31)
  • Goose Spit (May 21 to Feb. 29)
  • Royston to Cumberland Railway Trail
  • Seal Bay (July 1 to March 30 except east side of Bates Road and Swamp Loop Trail)
  • All other parks (such as Nymph Falls, Tsolum Spirit, Eagles Drive)
  • Leashing Optional provided dogs are kept under control meaning:
    ● dog is on a travelled surface of trail and within 10 m (30 feet) of the person who has care
    and control of it
    ● dog immediately returns when called
    ● dog is not molesting, harassing, or attacking any person or animal


Enforcement is by regular patrols by regional district staff, security, park stewards and animal control officers. The enforcement no longer involves the SPCA. 

Dangerous dogs must be leashed and muzzled to prevent it from biting and be under the effective control of a person 16 years of age or older. A dangerous dog is a dog that has killed or injured a person or a domestic animal. It also includes any dog which when unprovoked attacks, chases or approaches in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack.

For more information email or call 250-334-6000.