Stanehill Park

Park Features

  • interpretive walk on loop trail
  • wildlife viewing
  • leashing optional for pets
  • loop trail
  • log bench
  • frog pond
  • bird and squirrel houses
  • two picnic tables
  • roadside parking


Corner of Stanehill Place & Greenhill Rd, Denman Island
Denman/Hornby Islands (Area ‘A')

How to Get There

View the map [PDF - 321 KB] for directions.


View the Stanehill Park nature guide [PDF - 673 KB].

Natural Features

The DIRA parks committee completed a plant and wildlife inventory in 2010. The young second growth forest is home to red squirrels, rattlesnake plantain orchid, yellow wood violet, clasping twistedstalk and spiny wood fern among many other species.

The decaying tree stumps feature notches that were used to hold the spring boards when the trees were cut about 100 years ago.

Park Partners

Parks Committee of the Denman Island Residents Association


The park was created at the time of subdivision in 1980. In 2010 the parks committee of the Denman Island Residents Association lead by Peter Karsten built a loop trail and other features to make the park a place for study of the forest habitat, walking and relaxation. Single track trails, a rest spot with a log bench, a small  “frog pond”,  bird and squirrel houses to attract wildlife are in place.  A carved sign with the name of the park welcomes visitors at the north entry point near the intersection of Stanehill and Greenhill. A self-serve nature guide pamphlet is available for plant identification and natural history information. Access is from Stanehill Place.