Mt. Geoffrey Nature Park

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Park Features

  • hiking
  • mountain biking
  • horseback riding
  • wildlife viewing
  • panoramic views over Denman Island and beyond to the mountains of Vancouver Island
  • leashing optional for pets
  • Mt. Geoffrey park brochure
  • Mt. Geoffrey trail map
  • parking lot by cemetery, roadside parking at other entrances
  • 4 heli-sites and 2 ponds for fire fighting

Trail Map

View a trail map [PDF - 576 KB]of the park.

Park Etiquette

See Mt. Geoffrey park brochure [PDF - 1.1 MB]. The Cliff Trail follows the edge of a cliff with a steep, high drop off. Please exercise extreme caution and stay well back from the edge.

Horses are permitted on the multi-use trails only. These are the only trails capable of handling the impact of horses. Unfortunately, the majority of the smaller single-track trails are soft and could be damaged by horses. There are six trails open to equestrian traffic that provide some excellent rides. Heli-sites One and Two provide an ideal meadow to tether horses so riders may explore the Cliff Trail on foot and experience the scenic views. Ride up Northwind or Cold Deck, leave the horses in Heli-site One and walk to the cliff edge.


Lea Smith Road, Strachan Road and Northwind Road, Hornby Island
Denman/Hornby Islands (Area ‘A')

How to Get There

View the Mt. Geoffrey Nature park location map [PDF - 142 KB]


Black-tailed deer, peregrine falcon, bald eagle, turkey vultures, barred owls, grouse, pileated woodpeckers, downey woodpeckers and hairy woodpeckers.

Natural Features

The 330-metre (1,080 ft) summit of Mount Geoffrey is the highest point on Hornby. The park includes a variety of ecosystems from the very dry Arbutus escarpment face to ‘rainforest'-like Sitka spruce forest at the base of the escarpment. Much of the park is second growth forest of Douglas-fir. There are spectacular views from the top of the escarpment to the east and south.

Park Partners

Parks Committee of the Hornby Island Residents & Ratepayers Association

Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park


The regional district first received a licence of occupation for this park from the Province in August 1989.  In 1992 the Province offered the regional district a free Crown grant.  On March 12, 2004 the Crown grant was registered.
In 2003 two additions were made to the park. The regional district purchased 7.4ha of land from the Cross family who donated an additional 16.7ha as an eco-gift. The acquisition of these properties established a link between Mt. Geoffrey Regional Nature Park and the Mt. Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park to the south.

In 2005, an additional 5.76ha was acquired via a density bonus subdivision completed by the Yeomans family at the end of Lea Smith Road. Mt. Geoffrey is named after Admiral Geoffrey Hornby of the Royal British Navy.