Maple Park

Park Features

  • trail offering views of Morrison Marsh
  • wildlife viewing
  • leashing optional for pets
  • roadside parking
  • log bench
  • a log book for visitors to share their comments


Corner of McFarlane and East Roads, Denman Island
Denman/Hornby Islands (Area ‘A')

How to Get There

Access to the park is via a footpath located between 9521 McFarlane Road and 4555 East Road. The land to either side of the trail is private property so please stay to the trail.  View the map [PDF - 518 KB] for directions.


Deer can be spotted throughout the park.

Natural Features

The park offers beautiful vistas over Morrison Marsh, a rich bio-diversity and a tranquil ambiance inviting nature viewing. These features are to be protected to ensure “spiritual” use of the park as envisioned by the former owner

Park Partners

Parks Committee of the Denman Island Residents Association


Tom Brigham dedicated the park in the 1970s to protect a magnificent big leaf maple Acer macrophyllum tree. The tree is believed to be well over 400 years old. The park was to ensure that the maple would be kept as heritage tree. Around 2008 the tree suffered major storm damage and most of it fell, however the rootstock is feeding new regrowth. The drama of the fallen tree is evident.