Grassy Point Park

Park Features

  • waterfront with rocky shoreline and plenty of beach logs
  • wildlife viewing
  • leashing optional for pets
  • beach fires: permitted below high tide level provided there is no Island closure
  • parking lot
  • two benches
  • seasonal porta-pottie

Park Etiquette

Beach Fires

  • burn dry, seasoned and untreated firewood, bring a bucket to fully extinguish the fire with water and leave a clean and tidy site
  • a person at least 16 years old shall supervise the fire ensuring the fire is kept under control from the time it is ignited until  it is completely extinguished
  • permitted only below the natural boundary and must be a minimum of 3 metres from driftwood, slash, grass or other combustible material
  • shall be no larger than 1 meter in diameter
  • shall be completely extinguished with water and not covered with sand or other material by 2a.m.
  • Hornby Island Fire Rescue department does fire patrols throughout the summer months. The fire patrol is available at 250-703-9022.


Grassy Point Road off of Harwood Road near Gunpowder Trail, Hornby Island
Denman/Hornby Islands (Area ‘A')

How to Get There

Check out the map [PDF - 237 KB] for directions


Fish, deer, otters, mink, seals and sea lions

Park Partners

Parks Committee of the Hornby Island Residents & Ratepayers Association


The regional district obtained a licence of occupation over this road allowance/beach access in August of 2009.