Denman Island Parks and Greenways Master Plan

The CVRD is responsible for the planning, acquisition and development of community parks on Denman Island. To ensure community parks meet Denman Island residents' needs, the CVRD initiated a planning process in 2010, soliciting input from residents on a long-term vision and priorities for new parks and greenways on Denman Island.

The Denman Island parks and greenways master plan [PDF - 1.7 MB] is based on input received through a community survey, two public open houses and comments on a draft plan by affected government agencies and community organizations.  The feedback received was incorporated into the final plan.  Based on the public consultations, most Denman islanders would like to see the CVRD focus its efforts on recreational greenways with the highest priority accorded to a ferry to ferry multi-use trail.

For more information, view a list of frequently asked questions [PDF - 116 KB]. For a compilation of community survey responses, November 2010 open house questionnaire responses, written submissions and government agency and community organization comments, please view the compilation of public, agency and organization comments. [PDF - 776 KB]

The conceptual map of park and greenway priorities [PDF - 435 KB] (appendix 1 to the plan) was adopted by the Denman Local Trust Committee as schedule 'G' to the Denman Island Official Community Plan (OCP) on August 16, 2011.  Inclusion of the map in the Denman Island OCP ensures that parks and greenways priorities identified in the plan are integrated with island planning and development initiatives.

Denman Island Parks and Greenway Priorities

The following priorities were developed through the public consultation process for the Denman parks and greenways master plan.  See the map [PDF - 435 KB] for conceptual locations of the first five priorities.  Specific locations will be determined in cooperation with residents at the time of trail planning.

  1. A cross-island ferry-to-ferry multi-use trail or recreational greenway.
  2. A north-south multi-use trail/recreational greenway.
  3. Connections between existing public trails/recreational greenways.
  4. Proposed trails to the waterfront or viewpoints off high bank waterfront road ends within  undeveloped road rights-of-way.
  5. Public washroom at Graham Lake
  6. Improved public access to nature parks and reserves.
  7. Wildlife and biodiversity corridors or ecological greenways.
  8. A parks and trails map.
  9. Appropriate signage.

The CVRD would play a supporting and advocacy role in the implementation of priorities 6 and 7 with the Islands Trust Fund and Denman conservation organizations taking the lead.  Achievement of all priorities will involve close cooperation with the Islands Trust, Denman community organizations and other government agencies.

For more information on Denman cross-island trail planning visit the Denman Cross Island Trail current projects page.

Existing regional district parks on Denman Island

The regional district has four community parks on Denman Island: Bill Mee park, a 1.5 ha community recreation park and boat ramp, McFarlane park, a 0.2 ha land-locked property with no road access, Stanehill park, a small 0.2 ha community nature park and Morning Beach park, a 1.2 ha nature park. Bill Mee park is Crown land under licence to the CVRD. McFarlane and Stanehill parks came to the CVRD as a result of parkland dedication at subdivision in the 1970s. Morning Beach park was donated to the CVRD in 2010 by The Point Development.

Visit the Denman and Hornby Parks page for more information on existing parks on Denman Island.