Denman Cross Island Trail

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is constructing a second section of the Denman Cross-island Trail from the top of the Denman Road hill to Central Park and from there toward Swan Road.

Construction is anticipated to commence in early September.  The new section of trail will start east of the graffiti fence and run below the BC Hydro powerline.  The trail will cross road sides after the firehall and follow the Central Park boundary behind the parking area.  The trail will continue on the north side of the road until Swan Road. 

The CVRD held a community open house on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at the Denman Community Hall to get feedback on trail design.  The majority of people who commented at the meeting and/or filled out questionnaires did not want two narrow parallel trails, one for horses and one for other users, but preferred a single wide trail for all users.  The new section of trail to be constructed this fall will be similar in width to the trail along Denman Road through Denman village.  Where space permits, it will be up to 2.2 metres wide.  Where the trail has to wind in between tall trees, it will narrow down to 1.5 or 1.2 metres.

The long term goal is to have a continuous trail between the Denman West ferry terminal and the Hornby ferry terminal.

Below are the trail designs presented at the community open house in June 2014:

Denman Cross Island Trail FAQs

Early trail planning
The proposed route for the Denman cross-island
trail to connect the two ferry terminals, the trail design and proposed
priority sections were presented to Denman Island residents for feedback at a community open house on Wednesday, January 16, 2013. The open house was advertised through a household flyer, posters around Denman and ads in the Grapevine and Flagstone. Over 90 residents attended. The CVRD also received 65 written comment forms and 15 letters and emails from residents with respect to the
trail and proposed route. Links to a summary and complete compilation of comments, letters and emails received are under the Frequently Asked Questions.

The majority who submitted written comments support the trail from the Denman ferry terminal to Central Park and from there to Swan Road. Many residents also support the trail continuing to the Hornby ferry; however, some residents oppose the trail following along the undeveloped portion of the Corrigal road right-of-way and along East Road between Owl Crescent and the ferry terminal. A few people preferred the Lacon/McFarlane route for the trail. A minority did not want any trail.

Next steps

Since there is considerable agreement on the trail from the Denman ferry to Central Park and up to Swan Road, the CVRD is working on that section next. The goal is to complete construction of that  section in fall 2014.

Locating a trail alongside the ferry hill and the Denman Road big hill requires prior road repairs by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure who is responsible for the roads on Denman Island. The CVRD and the Islands Trust have written letters to the Ministry requesting the necessary repairs be completed. Both agencies will continue to encourage the Ministry to budget for and complete the necessary road repairs so a trail can be added alongside the two hills.

After trail construction from the top of the Denman Road big hill to Swan Road, the CVRD will consult with Denman residents on the next trail sections to be built.