Tsolum Spirit Park

Park Features

  • waterfront
  • picnic tables
  • forested trails
  • mountain biking
  • horseback riding
  • swimming
  • toilets


Puntledge - Black Creek (Area 'C')
Tsolum River Road

How to Get There

View the map [PDF - 106 KB] for directions

Natural Features

The park is within the floodplain of the Tsolum River with access to the river. The old Comox Logging Railway grade includes a trail and a dense thicket of alder. Small remnant forest of Douglas fir, wet areas of alder, Salmonberry, and Skunk cabbage.


The park was severed from an adjoining property and sold to the CVRD in 1991. The park includes a portion of the Comox Logging Railway grade, which has been identified as an important recreation greenway.