Ships Point Park

Park Features

  • waterfront
  • scenic views
  • unique plants, wildlife
  • toilet


Baynes Sound, (Area 'A')
Ships Point

How to Get There

View the map [PDF - 501 KB] for directions

Natural Features

This is a waterfront park with good views from the west to the southeast. An unpaved road continues through the park to the beach. Much of the foreshore is crown leased for oyster production.

The predominant species are large Douglas fir, Sitka spruce and Garry oak. The trees are gnarled and windswept due to the southeast exposure. The understorey is quite dense and impenetrable and consists of Ocean-spray, Nootka rose, Black hawthorn and Red alder. Dune Grass grows along the shoreline. The land slopes down at a 10-15% grade. The small Garry oak community is unique.  View the nature guide at


The park was created at the time of subdivision (early 1970's). Following community concern over misuse of the park the CVRD established a bylaw governing its use.