Ship Peninsula Park

Park Features
Neighbourhood trail

Baynes Sound (Area A)
Ships Point

How to Get There
For directions view map [PDF - 161 KB].

A short trail winds through the forest and connects the fire lane off Tozer Road with Ships Point Road. The trail access/egress is signed on both ends and dog bag dispensers have been provided. Vehicle access is limited to parking on the shoulder of Ships Point Road. Vehicles are not permitted to park in the fire lane. The unopened road right-of-way named Aboyne Road is located across from the park and provides unimproved parking and foreshore access.

Natural Features
This small neighbourhood park features a second growth forest of mixed Douglas fir, Western red cedar, grand fir, and broad leaf maple. The understory consists of huckleberry, salal, sword fern and oceanspray depending on available sunlight. Ground cover consists of Oregon grape, pathfinder, and vanilla leaf.

The park was created at the time of subdivision in 1966.