Piercy Bridge Greenway

Piercy Bridge Greenway

Park Features

  • 600m multi-use trail separated from traffic by roadside barriers and 1.5m paved shoulder


Puntledge - Black Creek (Area 'C')
Dove Creek

Natural Features

From the trail users can enjoy a view of the Tsolum River from a high vantage point


As part of the north connector project last year parks staff worked with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to create a designated roadside greenway.

This 600m long multi-use trail is in addition to the 1.5m paved shoulder and is separated from traffic by roadside barriers. While cyclists may prefer to stay on the paved shoulder, those travelling by foot or horse will appreciate the separated gravel path when crossing the Tsolum River.

The greenway provides safe access to the trails along the Tsolum at the Exhibition Grounds and forms part of a popular running loop from Courtenay via the Condensory bridge and on Headquarters Road.