Masters Greenway

Park Features

Park Etiquette

This is a leashing required park.


Puntledge - Black Creek (Area 'C')
Between Powerhouse and Arden Roads, adjacent to the Puntledge River, 15 acres

How to Get There

View the map [PDF - 158 KB] for directions.

Natural Features

The park is part of an extensive trail network along the south shore of the Puntledge River. The park includes high-bank river frontage. A creek runs through the park.


To help preserve the environment she loves, Ruth Masters donated 7.3ha (18 acres) of the land she has spent her life tending to the Comox Valley Regional District to create Masters Greenway and Wildlife Corridor.

As part of the donation Ruth had a covenant registered on the land. The covenant prohibits the placement of any buildings, toilets, picnic tables, parking lots or garbage bins on the greenway.

Ruth has helped nature reclaim the old fields, orchards and gardens on the property by planting ferns and trees rescued from construction sites such as the Wal-Mart development.

The greenway features both red and blue-listed (threatened and endangered) species while containing quality habitat to a wide range of wildlife. As part of a larger undeveloped corridor along the south side of the Puntledge River, the greenway allows larger species, such as bear, to move through the area.