Loxley Park

Park Features

  • 375 m (0.2 miles) trail
  • wildlife viewing
  • leashing optional for pets
  • roadside parking


Lazo North (Area 'B')
Between Loxley and Sea Terrace Roads, two acres

How to Get There

View map [PDF - 111 KB] for directions.

Access to the park is via a footpath located between 5966 and 5944 Loxley Road or between 5916 and 5925 Sea Terrance Road. The land to either side of the trail off of Sea Terrance is private property so please stay to the trail.


Deer, woodpeckers

Natural Features

This a second growth forest with Grand fir, Douglas fir, Broadleaf maple, Thimbleberry, Salmonberry, Oregon-grape in the higher ground and Red alder, Bracken, Swamp grass and Sword fern in the lower wetter areas in the north half of the park.


The park was created at the time of subdivision in 1981.  Local residents (primarily school children) developed a trail through the park as a handy connection between Loxley Road (the school bus stop is at Loxley and Coleman Road) and Sea Terrace Road.  In 1996 local residents approached the regional district to upgrade the trail and install trail signs.