Little River Nature Park

Park Features

  • scenic and diverse views
  • rare plants and wildlife
  • parking lot

Park Etiquette

Pet leashing required year round. For more details visit the dogs in parks page.


Lazo North (Area ‘B')
Wilkinson Road near the Little River ferry terminal

How to Get There

View map [PDF - 715 KB] for directions

Natural Features

The park contains a lower portion of the Little River designated as a sensitive stream under the provincial Fish Protection Act.  It protects a portion of a rare and sensitive beach plain habitat and the provincially blue-listed elegant rein orchid 1,2,3.  The park also protects a portion of sensitive estuarine salt marsh and the provincially red-listed seashore grass 1,2,3.  This habitat provides critical habitat for feeding birds and fish.  A stand of older second growth Douglas fir forest3 contains an active bald eagle nest (Comox Valley Sensitive Habitat Atlas and Wildlife Tree Stewardship Program).  The park protects two man made ponds and the associated wetland habitat which provides important rearing, feeding and nesting opportunities for an assortment of fish and wildlife3.  The Little River Enhancement Society conducts fisheries enhancement activities within the watershed and operate a hatchery for coho and chum salmon.
1 Provincial Conservation Status - red-listed species are consider to be “endangered” or “threatened”, blue-  listed species are considered to be of “special concern”
2 Flora and Fauna Inventory for McPhee Property Little River, Vancouver Island, F. Hovenden and   N. Morton, September 12, 1999
3 Environmental Site Inventory and Evaluation of the Proposed Residential Development Plan for 1296 Wilkinson Road, Little River, Comox, B.C., Komori Wong Environmental, February 12, 2006.

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 The park was created as a result of a historic density bonus subdivision provision.  A statutory right-of-way, over the Harwood Estates common property paved road, provides for public pedestrian access from the park to the foreshore.  Public pedestrian access is limited over the gravel road access crossing Strata Lot 13 and the common property septic disposal system.