Lazo Wildlife Park

Park Features

  • nature park
  • scenic views
  • rare plants and wildlife

Park Etiquette

Pet leashing required year round. For more details please visit the dogs in parks page.


Lazo North (Area 'B')
End of Sand Pines Drive

How to Get There

View the map [PDF - 153 KB] for directions


The pond is often home to nesting ducks and geese.

Natural Features

Stream emerging from Lazo Marsh, drains into a man-made pond at the rear of property, and drains into a ditch that follows the north property boundary. Mature trees along ridge: Douglas fir, Lodgepole pine, Western White pine, Western Red cedar. View the nature guide at

The park is adjacent to the Lazo Marsh - North East Comox Wildife Management Areas.


The park was created in 1999 when the property previously owned by Jack Clark, who farmed and raised cattle in the area, was sold to Ducks Unlimited and the CVRD. Ducks Unlimited then leased the property to the CVRD to manage as a park. This property is located at an area important to the Lazo Marsh drainage.