Joe Walker Park

Park Fireplaces

Fires are permitted in fireplaces/fire rings year round unless there is a fire ban.

Park Features

  • park waterfront
  • scenic views
  • nature park
  • forested trails
  • picnic tables
  • picnic shelter with fire pits
  • toilet


Baynes Sound, (Area A)
Between the foreshore and HIghway 19A just north of the Buckley Bay Ferry Terminal.

How to Get There

View the map [PDF - 120 KB] for directions

Natural Features

The park has approximately 500 metres of waterfront with beach access and views across Georgia Strait to Denman Island. It is a mixed forest of Douglas fir, Western Red cedar, maple, alder and Nootka rose and Salal.  Seasonal streams cross the site from under the Island Highway.


The park was originally created at the time of subdivision of the Mystery Beach subdivision in 1976. Originally registered to the Union Bay Waterworks District in 1977. The park was transferred to the Union Bay Community Club -- unable to finance the maintenance and insurance on the property the Community Club in turn turned the park over to the CVRD in 1992.