Headquarters Townsite Park

 Park Features

  • rough trail trail
  • swimming hole on the Tsolum River
  • old mill ruin 

Trail Map

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Puntledge - Black Creek (Area ‘C')

How to Get There

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Natural Features

There is a mixed riparian forest along the Tsolum River including big-leaf maple, red alder and salmon berry.  A small area of old fruit trees remains just north of the swimming hole.  Second growth Douglas-fir, salal and sword fern grow further away from the river.


*TimberWest/Couverdon has granted the regional district a statutory right-of-way (SRW) for park purposes over nearly 8ha along the east side of the Tsolum River.  They granted SRW in September 2010 when creating lots for sale on the west side of the river.

The park name reflects the fact that the land served as the base of Comox Logging between 1911 and the late 1950s. Although it is difficult to tell now a fully serviced community occupied the park and lands to the east. There was a store, post office, blacksmith, hotel, dance hall, ball diamond, tennis court, and 20 company homes in addition to the round house and repair yards for railway and logging equipment. The community even had its own orchestra which played at Saturday night dances. This model town was first known as Fraserville and later called Headquarters.

The old concrete building at the entrance to the park from Farnham Road was built as a rough timber mill in 1912-1913. The mill was never used however despite being fully equipped for reasons that remain unclear. Some would say the mill was only built so that the company could gain certain concessions from the provincial government. The recession of 1913 may have led the company to abandon it. Parts from the mill where later used to build a mill in Courtenay.

*Historical information is based on "Island Timber" by Richard Somerset Mackie, March 2001