Foden Park

Park Features

  • forested trails
  • road access
  • locked chained access
  • parking lot on road right of way
  • open meadow area
  • rare plants, wildlife viewing


Lazo North (Area 'B')
End of Foden Road

How to Get There

View the map [PDF - 148 KB] for directions

Natural Features

The park is a mix of open meadow, seasonal wetland and second growth forest with Western red cedar, Grand fir, Salal and Salmonberry in the drier areas and Sitka spruce and Skunk cabbage in the wetter areas. A crabapple swamp (Pacific crabapple, Willow, Rushes and Cattail). It provides diverse wildlife habitat for native wildlife.


The original park area was donated by the Foden family to the Little River Water District as a well site with “that area not required (for a well) to be left as a wildlife preserve”. At the time when the CVRD took over responsibility and assets of the Water District, Foden Park was also transferred the CVRD.

In 1995 an additional 3.197 ha (7.9 acre) immediately adjacent to the original property was purchased and added to the Park.