Barbara Road Greenway

Park Features

Elevated boardwalk over a wetland which floods seasonally

Trail Map

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Lazo North (Area ‘B')
Unopened portion of Barbara Road between Willis Way and Venture Road, northwest of Huband Road

Natural Features

The greenway crosses through typical coastal wetland vegetation dominated by the hardhack shrubs, Pacific crab apple and cascara trees and farmland grasses.


An informal trail was historically used by residents and school children to access Huband Park Elementary School.  During wetter months the wetland floods, blocking access.  In 2008 members of School District #71 and the local residents approached the regional district to construct and maintain a formal trail within the unopened portion of Barbara Road.  A licence was obtained from Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for public trail purposes and the elevated boardwalk was constructed in 2010.  The greenway also provides residents with indirect access to Seal Bay park via Barbara Road to Mitchell Road.