Avonlee Greenway

Park Features

Nature park, greenway path, forested trails

Trail Map

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Lazo North (Area 'B') - Avonlee Road, one acre

How to Get There

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Natural Features

This greenway follows a ditch from Bates Road to Sea Terrace Road. The trail passes through second growth forest, dominated by deciduous maple and alder, with young spruce and fir in the understory. The shrub layer is well-developed.


This greenway is part of an unopened road right-of-way that has been informally used by local residents as a handy connection between Bates Road and Sea Terrace Road.

The CVRD was approached in 1999 to help upgrade and maintain the trail due to its poor condition, especially during wet periods. A lease was subsequently obtained from the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) authorizing the upgrade.park is under a 20 year Licence of Occupation for the purpose of a regional park.