Adopt a Beach Access

The regional district is partnering with local non-profit groups to provide better access to beaches in the CVRD. Volunteers participating in the program would help with litter pick-up, basic maintenance such as cutting back encroaching vegetation and removing invasive species. If you are interested in participating, please send your contact information via email.

Members of the Comox Valley Flyfishing Club are offering to help maintain:

In the Mircale Beach area

  • #10      Mountain View
  • #11      Mahaffey
  • #12      Anchor
  • #13      Franklin
  • #14      Woodbine
  • #16      Cosby
  • #17      Francis

Littler River

  • #51      north end of Wilkinson
  • #54      Singing Sands
  • #55      Mayfair
  • #56      Little River
  • #57      Denny
  • #58      Harvard
  • #59      Booth
  • #61      Pacific
  • #62      Seal Bay
  • #64      Kilmorley

Gartley Point

  • #82      Gartley Point Road
  • #85      Gartley Road
  • #90      Ebbtide


  • #93      Harby
  • #96      Argyle 

Members of the flyfishing club will be installing a small shore access sign where they do not already exist, doing some pruning where needed and litter pick up. The signs are intended to assure beach users the access is open to the public. Marking the accesses helps keep the public off private lands and indicates the safe locations to get on or off the beach.