Product Use

SkyRocket is ideal for use in large scale landscaping and planting projects and can also be used for residential landscaping, orchards, flower gardens and lawns.

Due to nutrient levels in this product, SkyRocket should be used as a soil conditioner or supplement, rather than as a topsoil or fertilizer. It can be applied annually or as recommended by soil analysis. As when using any manureproduct, hands should be washed after applying or handling the product.

Visit the SkyRocket test bed gardens to see SkyRocket results in person at compost education Centre 228 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River.

"Prior to adding SkyRocket, we prepared the lawn by power raking and hand raking out the moss (a lot of it!), then we aerated the soil (to allow the nutrients to get to the roots).  We watered in the SkyRocket liberally, then overseeded the entire area.  The result is plain to see in the pictures."
Gord H.