SkyRocket Compost

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SkyRocket is a high-nitrogen soil amendment, made of wood chips mixed with biosolids, which are cured over time to create nutrient-rich mulch. Biosolids are derived from the wastewater treatment process—they are the solid waste particles remaining once wastewater has been treated. Biosolids contain macronutrients and organic matter that can replenish soil and help it to retain moisture.

The production of SkyRocket is regulated by the Ministry of the Environment under the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation(OMRR). Prior to going out to market with SkyRocket, we consistently meet or exceed all of the regulations for a Class A Compost, which is the highest of the three levels that regulate organic matter recycling. SkyRocket is screened to remove excess wood waste and is tested for pathogens, nutrient value, moisture, pH and metals content.

SkyRocket is tested prior to going to market and the product is tested throughout the season. We do micro-bacteriological testing for coliform bacteria as well as testing for metals (lead, mercury, chromium, copper, etc.). 

SkyRocket is regulated by the provincial government's Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR) and it meets the requirement under the “fertilizers act” administered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). 

Fecal coliform levels must be determined to be less than 1,000 microgram per gram (µg/g) of total solids (dry weight basis) for Class A compost. All measures on the chart are micrograms per gram (µg/gram) dry weight.

Substance Class A Compost

Biosolid Growing Medium

Class B Biosolids Compost
Arsenic 13 13 75
Cadmium 3 1.5 20
Chromium 100 100 160
Cobalt 34 34 150
Copper 400 150 2200
Lead 150 150 500
Mercury 2 0.8 15
Molybdenum 5 5 20

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