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 Feature Video: Getting Rid of Weeds Without the Use of Pesticides

Looking to Your Soil for help Against Pests - submitted to the CVRD from Leslie Cox (Duchess of Dirt)

Plants in a garden are only as healthy as the soil in which they are grown. The higher the energy, or nutrient value, in the soil the greater balance there will be in the garden.

Providing plants with all the necessary minerals and bacteria to meet their growth and maintenance needs always starts in the soil. Few people realize exactly how many.

Most know the big three: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. They are important in a plant's growth cycle towards strong root development, lush leaves for photosynthesis and fruit/flower production. These are easily added to the garden in the form of manure or fertilizers.

However, plants also need access to a further two hundred and thirteen minerals in order to achieve maximum healthy levels of growth. Plants access three of these from the air: oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.

The remaining two hundred and ten minerals must therefore be available in the soil for the plants to take up through their roots. Two hundred and ten minerals. Elements like boron, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, sulphur, zinc.

All of them fulfill one or more of three roles in plants:

1. Structural - part of the cells that make up a plant's basic architecture

2. Metabolic - necessary for many of the biochemical functions from photosynthesis through to reproduction

3. Catalysts - assist in the metabolic functions but are not used up in the process

By providing a balanced, mineral-enriched soil you will ensure the nutritional balance for your plants. Well nourished plants develop stronger immunities to insects and diseases. Compost is one of the best soil amendments that will provide these micronutrients.

The lower the stress, the less the pest. And no need for harmful pesticides to which insects build up an immunity anyways.

Besides...if you are looking after feeding your soil properly, nature will look after the pests. She has a system of her own set up that works admirably.