Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise is projected to rise approximately 1 metre over the next century along the 77 km coastline of the CVRD. On British Columbia’s coast, sea level change is influenced by both global and local effects.

Global sea level is affected by melting of glaciers and ice caps and warming (thermal expansion) of the upper ocean. Locally, sea level rise is also affected by vertical movements of the land (tectonic movements, rebound and subsidence).

Estimates of mean sea level rise by 2100 for the BC coast range from 80 cm at Nanaimo to 120 cm in the Fraser Delta. Potential impacts of sea level rise in British Columbia include:

  • More frequent and extreme high water levels in coastal areas
  • Increased erosion and flooding
  •  Increased risk to coastal infrastructure, as well as increased maintenance and repair costs
  • Loss of property due to erosion
  • Loss of habitat and reduced biodiversity
  • Saltwater intrusion into coastal aquifers
  • Loss of cultural and historic sites

Tools and Resources

Shoreline Protection Measures – Useful Links

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