In July 2013, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) board of directors passed a motion to support an electoral areas arts and culture grant service, with the aim of providing sustainable funding contributions to non-profit organizations and societies that own or operate community facilities and public meeting places. This contribution would be in the form of a set annual amount to assist with the protection, preservation, maintenance and promotion of the facility operated by that organization. In the past, organizations and societies have received various levels of funding from CVRD grant-in-aid services.

Under the arts and culture service, the CVRD would commit to developing an agreement with each recipient organization for a consistent, sustained contribution to operational (as opposed to program) funding. At its meeting on October 29, 2013 the CVRD board of directors gave third reading to a bylaw to establish this electoral areas arts and culture grant service. The bylaw was amended to reduce the maximum requisition at the board's November 26, 2013 meeting and was presented to the electors. As with creation of all new CVRD services, elector approval is required, and the board also passed a motion at its October 29 meeting to conduct an alternate approval process (AAP). The total number of electors within the proposed electoral areas arts and culture grant service to which the alternative approval process applies is determined to be 15,923, of which 10 per cent or 1,592 must submit elector response forms to prevent the CVRD from adopting Bylaw No. 278 without first obtaining assent of electors, which would have to be done using a referendum process.  Just 42 responses were received by the January 16, 2014 deadline, and the board adopted the bylaw to establish the service at its January 28, 2014 meeting.

Agreements with the identified organizations will be developed after March 31, 2014, when the CVRD financial plan is adopted.

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Key Dates

  • November 26, 2013: CVRD board gave 3rd reading to the proposed electoral areas arts and culture grants service establishment bylaw
  • December 2013: Public notices in local newspapers informed residents that the alternative approval process had begun and information was provided on CVRD website
  • January 16, 2014: Deadline for elector response forms to be submitted to the CVRD
  • January 28, 2014: CVRD board considered results of the alternative approval process and passed the bylaw establishing the arts and culture grant service